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LipSense lip color is absolutely the most AMAZING product! A lip color that doesn’t bleed or feather and stays put! What more could a woman want? Now I don’t leave a trail of lipstick where ever I go and my lips are finally healed with our Shea Butter glosses! Finally, a long-lasting lip color that really works! - Kaylen Y.


I absolutely can’t live without LipSense! I have a scar on my lip and LipSense is the only product that will stay on my scar. - Emily H.


LipSense has been a godsend for me. I work in a customer service role, and needs to present myself well throughout the day. I love that LipSense stays on for almost the entire day. This one product had made a difference in my life! - Lia


I was reluctant to try LipSense at first because I had tried everything on the market and always found lipsticks too cakey or messy on my teeth and clothes, while lip glosses came off way too quick and lip stains always looked fake or the wrong color for me. Once I tried LipSense and wore it for the day I was very impressed. I have worn it ever since and recommend it to anyone wanting an easy to apply, natural looking lip color that lasts. - Kate D.

Testimonials....Customers who LOVE LipSense

Kiss for a Cause LipSense

Testimonials about LipSense by SeneGence

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